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One-Click App Creates Augmented Reality 

Powered Spatial Try-On Campaigns To Bring Products In Your Customer’s Immediate Environment In Flat 60 Seconds

DOUBLE Your Income Upselling This Hot In Demand And Untapped 
Services To Your Existing Online Reputation Management Clients
  • Augmented Reality Campaigns In Flat 60 Seconds
  • Virtual Try-On Campaigns For Trying Products On Oneself
  • 1-Click Share Campaigns Using QR Code
  • Paypal & Stripe Integration To Collect Payments
  • Spatial Try-On Campaigns To Bring Products In The Immediate Environment
  • Perfect For Local Businesses Still Recovering From The Covid Aftermath
  • 1-Click Share Campaigns On Social Media
  • Embed Campaigns On Any Page
… and a lot more

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LocalCentric DFY Augmented Reality Agency Set Up

Augmented Reality (AR) Campaigns Are Perfect For Helping Businesses Beat Recurring Covid Restrictions 

Help businesses influence buyer decisions greatly by letting their customers get the feel of the product in their own space or even try it on themselves.
With your help businesses can now take the showroom experience to their customer’s home &, best of all, go fully digital… saving mammoth rentals.
Combines the power of online shopping with Traditional Store experience from the comfort of customers’ homes, making purchases irresistible!
Forget worrying about social distancing, sanitizing. Instead, enable buyers to try on your product without physically touching it, providing them the safest way to purchase.
Increased number of touchpoints to engage with customers and even take care of customers post-purchase through packaging.
Help buyers make the right decision, thereby increasing conversion rate and lower return rate drastically.

Augmented Reality (AR) Is The 

FUTURE Of Online Shopping…

AR Experiences are 200% more engaging than any regular marketing

AR Market is rapidly growing and is estimated to be a $340 Billion market by 2028

61% of consumers say they prefer retailers with AR experience

AR Experience is 3 times more memorable for your customers

71% of consumers say they would shop more if they used AR

40% of consumers say they would pay more for a product they could visualize using AR

… this clearly means that the demand for Augmented Reality 
Campaigns Is Only Going To Increase In 2022 & Beyond…

Here’s The Kind Of Augmented Reality Campaigns 
You Will Be Able To Create In Just 60 Seconds…

Furniture Spatial Campaign Created With Augment Suite
Coolers Try On Campaign Created With Augment Suite
Virtual Try On Lipstick
Virtual Try On Earrings
Collect Review & Feedback From Food Delivery Packaging
Tv Packaging Scan Leading To Installation Videos, Warranty Sign Up And Upsell Products
Toys Packaging Allowing To Play Html5 Games
Lead Generation Campaign For Real Estate From A Print Ad
Groceries Packaging Scan To Unlock Recipe Videos

Mind Blowing… Right!

Take A Look At How Easy These 
Campaigns Are To Create

LocalCentric DFY Augmented Reality Agency Set Up Is Packed With Some Really Powerful Features…

3 Types Of AR Campaigns

Create 3 types of Augmented Reality campaigns, including Experience, Spatial Try on & Virtual Try on all from a single cloud-based app.

Download Campaigns As A QR Code Image

Download campaigns as an Image and use it inside Website, social media, or print media.

Multiple Scenes, Triggers & CTAs In Experience Campaigns

Add multiple scenes, QR code-based triggers, Interactions, Interactivity, generate leads, and collect payments from inside these ‘experience’ campaigns.

Stores To Organize Campaigns

Organize your campaigns under Stores for multiple businesses that you own or your clients own.

Add Own Branding

Customize your campaigns with your own logo or your client’s logo to create branding

Seamless Integrations

AutoResponder, SMTP & Webinar Integrations to grow your list & business.

Ability To Add Banners & Tags

Add banners to your AR campaigns & tags for the items used in the campaigns.

Deep Analytics

Understand the performance of your campaigns with deep analytics and make corrections to optimize your campaigns.

Embed Campaigns 
On Any Web Page

Copy & paste a line of embed code to make campaigns run on any website or landing page

Share Campaigns On Social Media

Share campaigns on your favorite social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Whatsapp & Telegram, right from within the app.

Share Campaigns As A URL

Copy & paste the campaign URL to share it anywhere on the web, email, or chat tool.

3D File Support

Supports both Android & iOS 3D file types for adding your product images.

Built-In Image Library 
& Media Storage

Includes a vast image library and the ability to store your own media

Easy Payment Integrations

Connect your Paypal / Stripe and collect payments effortlessly using Augment Suite

Already Thinking About The Kind Of Money You Can Charge? Take A Hint From Others Selling Such Campaigns…

FREE Commercial License Included ONLY When You Act Now!

Normal Price: $497

Today Only, Low One-Time Payment!

To Further Sweeten This Offer, You Also Get These Bonuses for FREE!

Am Adding These Extra Tools & Resources At No Extra Cost (For A LIMITED TIME ONLY) To Get You Even Better & Faster Results

White-Label Right to WeConnect - Live Class, Meeting, Webinar, Online Training & Web Conference

(Worth $497)


WeConnect is a Real-Time Communication Web Application with Video, Audio and Screen Sharing Communication. Built on modern web technologies such as Laravel, VueJS and Bootstrap CSS framework, with tons of built-in features and components, 

it enables users to communicate with others via Video Conference, Webinar, Audio Conference etc. It uses WebRTC for real time communication, using own Signaling Server.

Features Summary

WeConnect Application is perfect solution for Audio Conference, Video Conference / Live Meeting, Online Classes, Screen Sharing, Live Consultation, Podcasts (Audio Broadcasting) and Webinar (Video Broadcasting) etc.

White-Label Right to Soci MultiLinks - Instagram & TikTok Bio Links & URL Shortener

(Worth $497)

Soci Multilinks is a problem solver for Instagram and TikTok linking problem and a URL Shortener at the same time! Have you ever wanted to manage multiple links through your instagram account and you found out you can only put one unique link in your bio?

 If so, then this is the solution for you and your users. Create a great website where you register and add as many links as you want and only paste your custom profile’s url in your instagram’s bio and never change it again.

  • Stripe Recurring / One Time Payments – Latest Stripe v3 implementation ( SCA Ready )
  •  PayPal Recurring / One Time Payments
  •  Facebook Login – Facebook Login / Registration system configurable via the Admin Panel.
  •  Account Settings – Users can fully manange their account settings and current package.
  •  Account Extra Details – Users can see the extra details available related to their account, such as Payments List History.
  •  Renew / Change Package – Users can any time renew, upgrade or cancel their current package.
  •  Unlimited Projects – That users can create to manage multiple Biolink Pages & Shortened URLS and differentiate them easily.
  •  Multiple Biolink Pages – Users can create multiple Biolink Pages from one single account.
  •  URL Shortener – Your users can use the product as an URL Shortener as well!
  •  Highly Customizable Biolink Pages – Just check out the demo and you will see for yourself :) !
  •  SociMultilink Pages Embeds – Including YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Twitch & Vimeo!
  •  Advanced Statistics – All links get detailed statistics regarding their visitors which access their pages.
  •  Invoicing System – Users can see all the payments they made and get invoices.
  •  and many many more..

White-Label Right to HybridMarketo - Marketplace for Freelancers.

(Worth $497)

HybridMarketo is a Freelance Marketplace Application with some exciting features and excellent code quality. 

It has been designed and developed after thorough research to cater the requirements of people interested in building freelance marketplace or other similar projects. The design is contemporary but at the same time it focuses on the usability, visual hierarchy and aesthetics to ensure easy navigation for the end users.

White-Label Right to Sitemaking and Cloner - Fast CMS and Cloner

(Worth $497)

Two tools in one; a simple to use CMS and a site cloner that can clone most websites out there.

Lightning fast CMS that can use any HTML template as its theme. With two clicks of the mouse, you have an editable page. No programming knowledge required!

Alongside the CMS, we have included two cloning tools. 

One is built to clone the working site into HTML files and the required folders that contain css, images and js. The other tool can be used to clone almost any website on the web and give you a compete set of working files.

FREE Commercial License Included ONLY When You Act Now!

Normal Price: $497

Today Only, Low One-Time Payment!

100% Risk-Free
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you are still not sure about this unbelievable offer, worry not!
You can try out this amazing tool for a full 30 days, absolutely risk-free!

In case, for some reason, you don’t like this upgrade, write to us anytime within the guarantee period and get a full refund with no question asked.

So what are you waiting for? There’s nothing to lose, at all…

Just watch your business grow and pour in more profit as soon as you avail of this one time offer…

Here’s A Quick Recap Of  

Everything Included In LocalCentric DFY Augmented Reality Agency Set Up

  • Create upto 100 store
  • Responsive Try on AR Tool
  • Responsive Virtual Try on Tool
  • Responsive experience campaigns
  • 1000 Try on AR campaigns
  • 1000 Virtual Try on campaigns
  • 1000 experience campaigns
  • 100 scene per experience
  • Assign Trigger
  • Interaction
  • Interactivity
  • Add CTA
  • Try on AR Banners
  • Support 3D Android file
  • Support 3D IOS file
  • Add Multiple Items
  • Add tags
  • Image Library
  • Try on AR as hosted pages
  • Virtual Try on as hosted pages
  • Customize with your own logo
  • Autoresponder Integration
  • Webinar Integrations
  • SMTP Integration
  • Analytics
  • Leads
  • Payment Integrations
  • Embed Try on AR in web page
  • Download Try on AR campaign as a image
  • Try on AR with QR code
  • Embed Virtual Try on in web page
  • Download Virtual Try on campaign as a image
  • Virtual Try on with QR code
  • Social Share settings
  • Bonus #1: White-Label Right to WeConnect - Live Class, Meeting, Webinar, Online Training & Web Conference
  • Bonus #2: White-Label Right to Soci MultiLinks - Instagram & TikTok Bio Links & URL Shortener
  • Bonus #3: White-Label Right to Soci MultiLinks - Instagram & TikTok Bio Links & URL Shortener
  • Bonus #4: White-Label Right to Soci MultiLinks - Instagram & TikTok Bio Links & URL Shortener

FREE Commercial License 
Included ONLY When You Act Now!

LocalCentric Augmented Reality Agency Setup

FREE Commercial License Included ONLY When You Act Now!

Normal Price: $497

Today Only, Low One-Time Payment!


Q. This sounds like hi-fi technology. I have no technical experience. Will I be able to create campaigns for my business?
A. Definitely. We have created the tool in such a way that anybody can create augmented reality campaigns in minutes.

The tool is intuitive & extremely user-friendly! You don’t need to know anything technical to use LocalCentric DFY Augmented Reality Agency Set Up!

Q. How many types of campaigns can I create using LocalCentric DFY Augmented Reality Agency Set Up?
A. You can create 3 types of campaigns. Experience campaigns , Spatial Try-on campaigns & Virtual Try-on campaigns. I would recommend you to take out your phone and scan the sample campaigns we have added on the page to understand how these campaigns work.

Q. What are stores? How many stores can I create?

A. Stores are the place where you organize all your campaigns. Let's say you have a furniture store. The furniture campaigns of all the individual products in the store can be organized under the store. You can create upto 100 stores.

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Looking forward to seeing you on the inside.

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